Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eddie Murphy Is... Hong Kong Phooey?

Oh god dammit. Hollywood is once again is making another cartoon adaptation and now its Hong Kong Phooey with Eddie Murphy to star as the voice of the title character. Now I didn't grow up with Hong Kong Phooey so I am not nearly as pissed off as fan of the show will be, I'm just pissed off about how hollywood is adapting everything nowadays. I mean we have a movie based on BATTLESHIP coming out... BATTLESHIP! Anyway Eddie Murphy actually looked like he could redeem his career with the upcoming tower heist even though I don't think it looks great, but then he comes right back with this crappy kids stuff. If you think this a bad idea comment below hopefully they will scrap the idea like they did with the Lone Ranger movie. If you want more info click here http://my.spill.com/profiles/blogs/eddie-murphy-to-voice-hong-kong-phooey-1

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