Monday, September 17, 2012

"Arbitrage" Movie Review (Author: Editor)

      Before reading this review I want you to know this is not Lucas from Justme7388 on Youtube, this is his editor doing this review.

       Richard Gere, who was phenomenal in this particular film, portrays a businessman and financier named Robert Miller, who is in the ways of a multi-million dollar fraud, as well as in the mix of cheating on his wife, and to add even more on his case, he is trying to cover up the death of his mistress, who died in a car accident while Robert Miller was driving. He yet does not have a good relationship with any of his family, for example, his daughter who he made CFO of his empire, is now suing him along with many other of his associates, and as I said before, he is having an affair with another woman besides his wife. He is trying to handle all of this on one plate and basically this movie is set up for the audience to watch him make his way out of every situation.

In the beginning, Miller is in debt of about 400 million dollars, and attempts to hide it from all investors he has worked with, which can't be an easy thing to do. As you take a closer look and really get to know the character you find his mistakes, debts, frauds, and sorrows to make up who he is.

Later, comes along a chief detective (played by Tim Roth) who is in charge of investigating the accident and he is very skeptical, and by sudden surprise, he wants a questionaire with Miller, but no proof or factual evidence can really get Miller thrown under the bus. The character Jimmy Grant also shows up big time getting swirled into all of Miller's causes. The story then finishes out as the guilty men walk away empty handed, but free at last.

Stepping away from the plot and back to the reviewing, I want to say I was so impressed with the works of the debut director, and writer Nicholas Jarecki. What an astonishing performance we got. I had so much fun watching "Arbitrage", it is really so intriguing, suspenseful, convincing and entertaining, that you don't want to take your eyes away from the screen.

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