Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Bachelorette" Movie Review (Author: Editor)

        Before reading this review I want you to know this is not Lucas from Justme7388 on Youtube, this is his editor doing this review, because I just wanted to maybe share my thoughts on this film here.

    So, I had a free screening of "bachelorette" and I had watched it at home, and it might have been the biggest mistake ever, because this movie, this ridiculous, quirky, stupid, girly movie was so terrible, I mean just horrible! For one, I like Isla Fisher, not just for her attractiveness, but also she isn't a bad actor per say, she is pretty good, Kirsten Dunst I hate, I've hated her ever since I was little and I saw her in Spiderman, Lizzy Caplan, I hate to say this, but I've never seen her in anything...and then there is the supporting cast of James Marsden, who was in 27 Dresses and Hop (What a reputation he's got) and there is a bunch of others who's names aren't worth mentioning. The 3 main girls are really hot though, which you would think would make up for something, but no, it didn't. Let me just say, that if there is ever, ever, a movie that comes out as a release on Itunes or On Demand, before going to theatres, you know it's bad. I'm not really sure, what I was thinking to watch this, and I'm not quite sure what kept me watching it the whole way through, because it definitely was not entertaining, I think I was just so startled by how poor it was, and wasn't even paying attention to the fact this was on screen. Or my other hypothesis, is that I was trying to break a record, and that record is the only guy who has and will ever sit through this completely. One thing I did want to point out is that this movie is so not believable, you have three beautiful girls and one fatty, and the fatty marries first out of all of them, and it's to a guy that is I guess who girls would say is "alright", and it just didn't make sense. Watching this movie was such a huge mistake. To this point, I'm still trying to forget I ever saw it. Bachelorette: 1/5 stars.

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