Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Homefront" News!

       Sylvester Stallone is on a run! He has written a script and will be producing for a movie titled "Homefront", which is based on a novel by author Chuck Logan, and it centers around a retired DEA agent (Statham) who moves his family to a  quiet town to get away from the louder surroundings, and the town happens to be seething and filled with drugs and violence, run by a kingpin named Gator (Franco). Sly is behind the scenes on this
one, but you still have an allstar cast to make up for it! As you can see Jason Statham and Franco will be taking over the leads, while supporting role could possibly be taken up by Winona Ryder, as for other supports, there has been none others announced at this point. They will start shooting down in New Orleans in late September, so folks down there, try to spot them in action!  For news, talks, clips and trailers for "Homefront" stay in the loop with

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